By Henri Wald

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The stories told on Joe Starks’s porch appear to have significance beyond their immediate entertainment value. The people who make fun of Matt Bonner’s tired mule can identify with this beast of burden, that works in dumb obedience and silence much as they have been trained—and more, pronounced—to do, and as Joe has trained Janie to do. But unlike the mule, Janie rebels rather than going silently to her grave. Recontextualizing the Sermon to Tell (Her)story 43 Imagistically, the humor inherent in the mock funeral for the mule may be read on two levels.

He stands in his high house that overlooks the world. Stands watchful and motionless all day with his sword drawn back, waiting for the messenger to bid him come. Been standing there before there was a where or a when or a then. (79–80) Janie’s conception of death reveals the manner in which language itself is alive with history and the historical to tell of the emergence of a black ethos in a Eurocentric world. Like her African American ancestors before her, Janie uses the language and imagery of the Christian Bible because it was readily available.

11. Dust Tracks on a Road, p. 241. When Hurston refers to the “top­flight Negro” there is no connotation of snobbishness. It is the understanding that was Hurston’s concern. Baldwin’s understanding paraphrases in more detail Hurston’s attitude toward race: “It is the peculiar triumph of society—and its loss—that it is able to convince those people to whom it has given inferior status of the reality of this decree; it has the force and the weapons to translate dictum into fact, so that the allegedly inferior are actually made so, insofar as the societal realities are concerned.

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