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The new answers never simply discarded the previous ones and disclaimed their validity: the preceding steps found their place within the new pictures of growing complexity. Lacan's dogmatic stance goes hand in hand with his most undogmatic demeanor. Only a dogmatist "on the level of his task" can never be afraid of putting into question the previous results, turning them upside down without mercy if the new quests make it necessary, thus turning them into provisional stages of a search. It is the stubborn continuity and the implacable logic of this search that is his main message, rather than any one given result.

Vol. 29. Paris: Navarin, 7-25. 27 PHILOSOPHY . 1986. The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psycho-Analysis. Ed. -A. Miller, trans. A. Sheridan. London: Penguin. Sipos, Joel. 1994. Lacan et Descartes. La tentation mitaphysique. F. 2izek, Slavoj. 1993. Tarrying with the Negative. Durham: Duke University Press. 28 17 DESCARTES/LACAN Alain Badiou Source: translated by Sigi Jottkandt with Daniel Collins, Umbr(a): A Journal of the Unconscious: On Badiou (1996): 13-16. [The cogito], as a moment, is the aftermath (defile) of a rejection (rejet) of all knowledge, but it nevertheless claimed to establish for the subject a certain anchoring in being.

18 C'est pourquoi la raison pratique ne saurait dependre d'aucun objet empirique. Le concept d'un tel objet est le Bien, das Gute, a entendre selon la distinction qui Foppose au bien-etre, das Wohl. C'est parce que la raison pratique est aussi raison pure que «le concept de Bien ne doit pas etre deter­ mine avant la loi morale, mais seulement apres cette loi et par elle»19. C'est done la loi qui fait Faction moralement bonne, et non la fin empirique que sert ou qu'est supposee servir cette action.

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