By W. Dennis Tucker Jr.

ISBN-10: 193279266X

ISBN-13: 9781932792669

This primary quantity within the Baylor guide at the Hebrew Bible sequence offers specialist, entire counsel in answering major questions on the Hebrew textual content. whereas reflecting the most recent advances in scholarship on Hebrew grammar and linguistics, the paintings makes use of a mode that's lucid sufficient to function an invaluable agent for instructing and self-study.

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Sample text

Sasson suggests that ‫ ַיָדע‬can “carry a legal sense, ‘to recognize,’ ‘to know,’ ‘to admit,’ when acceptis ing or entertaining a legal decision” (125). indd 52 8/25/06 10:04:25 AM Jonah 1:12 39 proves to be an acknowledgment of responsibility, thus absolving the sailors of guilt for following the directives in the previous clause. ‫ ִּכי ְב ֶׁש ִּלי ַה ַּס ַער ַהּגָ דֹול ַהּזֶ ה ֲע ֵל ֶיכם‬. Embedded hortatory discs course—off-the-line. The discourse remains off-the-line as the clause provides additional explanatory information.

15 Then they lifted up Jonah and they hurled him into the sea, and the sea ceased from its raging. 16Then the men feared the LORD even more and they offered a sacrifice to the LORD and they made vows. indd 53 8/25/06 10:04:25 AM 40 Jonah 1:13 ‫ל־ה ָּיַּב ָ ׁ֖שה וְ ֣ל ֹא יָ ֑כֹלּו ִ ּ֣כי‬ ַ ‫ וַ ּיַ ְח ְּת ֣רּו ָה ֲאנָ ִׁ֗שים ְל ָה ִ ׁ֛שיב ֶא‬1:13 ‫יהם׃‬ ֽ ֶ ‫הֹולְך וְ ס ֵ ֹ֖ער ֲע ֵל‬ ֥ ֵ ‫ַה ָּ֔ים‬ ‫וַ ּיַ ְח ְּתרּו ָה ֲאנָ ִׁשים‬. Narrative discourse—mainline. The wayyiqtol serves as a discourse switch cue, moving the text from hortatory to narrative discourse.

Subject of ‫וְ יִ ְׁשתֹּק‬. ‫ ֵמ ָע ֵלינּו‬. , “around”; WO, 216). Objective pronoun. indd 50 8/25/06 10:04:24 AM Jonah 1:11-12 37 ‫הֹולְך וְ ס ֵֹער‬ ֵ ‫ ִּכי ַהּיָ ם‬. Embedded hortatory discourse—off-the-line. ‫ ִּכי‬. When the particle ‫ ִּכי‬marks a clause that offers the actual reason for the state of affairs, then it is understood as a coordinating conjuncts tion, introducing a causal clause. ‫ ַהּיָ ם‬. Subject of the clause. ‫הֹולְך וְ ס ֵֹער‬ ֵ . Qal act ptc + waw cop + Qal act ptc. When functionis ing as a verb, participles can note action that is imminent.

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