By Reyes Mate

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15 In the following, I hope to show that the essential character of “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” is a distinctly American one that bears certainly resemblances to Abrams’s greater Romantic lyric but is ultimately founded on traditions other than those of the locodescriptive and topographical poetry Abrams cites as forebears of the greater Romantic lyric. I hope to show that Whitman works from more local models. The American model from which Whitman takes the most is a genre with which Whitman, as an American, as a Brooklynite and as a journalist, would have been familiar, a genre that would have offered Whitman a structural model similar to that Abrams describes as the greater Romantic lyric, namely the commemorative and dedicatory addresses of early nineteenth-century America.

91 And then, we find King employing the same grammatical sleights we saw at work in Everett’s address, the shift into the historical present: The minutemen from this neighborhood started on their hasty march over the fences and across the fields. I see them now. No painted standard waves over them: no martial music is necessary to animate their spirits or to make them forgetful of the horrors of war. 92 The tense shift answers the expressed desire, and the events represented are made to seem as if they are present.

Everett thereby compounds the value of the Battle. ”73 So national culture, which is made visible in events such as the celebration at Concord on the date of the oration, is made to depend from this date and the events thereof. The entire history of the United States is effectively condensed to, as it is logically subordinated to, the date in question, and the present is brought within the bright penumbra of the past. This initial argument is a first step in reactivating the moment of the Revolution’s moment, a moment identified as that in which the culture’s character is defined.

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