By Martin Blais

Очень любопытная книжка для тех, кто изучает латиноамериканские танцы.
Сама только начала ее читать, но стиль изложения и скрупулезность автора мне уже нравиться. :)

Выдержка из предисловия к книге:
"Когда я начал изучать латино-американские танцы в мае 2000 года (и танец в целом), я был весьма удивлен тому факту, что большинство из того чему меня учили, может быть очень хорошо описанно с использованием довольно определенных понятий. Это щекотало мой интеллект и дало стимул, чтобы задокументировать все то, что я узнал..."

Другие кнги по теме:
Учимся танцевать Ча-Ча-Ча
Учимся танцевать румбу
Учимся танцевать Танго
Учимся танцевать квикстэп
Сальса для начинающих. видеокурс
Сальса для продолжающих. видеокурс
Искусство арабского танца
Восточные танцы

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Download e-book for kindle: Dancing at the Dawn of Agriculture by Yosef Garfinkel

Because the nomadic hunters and gatherers of the traditional close to East grew to become to agriculture for his or her livelihood and settled into villages, non secular ceremonies regarding dancing turned their basic potential for bonding members into groups and families into villages. So vital used to be dance that scenes of dancing are one of the oldest and such a lot continual topics in close to jap prehistoric artwork, and those depictions of dance followed the unfold of agriculture into surrounding areas of Europe and Africa.

Download e-book for kindle: The Ballet Lover's Companion by Zoe Anderson

This enticing booklet is a welcome advisor to the main profitable and enjoyed ballets visible at the degree this day. Dance author and critic Zoe Anderson makes a speciality of a hundred and forty ballets, a center overseas repertory that encompasses works from the airy international of romantic ballet to the edgy, muscular works of recent choreographers.

Read e-book online Dancing Into Darkness: Butoh, Zen, and Japan PDF

Dancing Into Darkness is Sondra Horton Fraleigh's chronological diary of her deepening figuring out of and appreciation for this paintings shape, as she strikes from a place of aesthetic reaction as an viewers member to that of assimilation as a pupil. As a pupil of Zen and butoh, Fraleigh witnesses her personal inventive and private transformation via essays, poems, interviews, and reflections spanning twelve years of analysis, a lot of it in Japan.

Dooplé: The Eternal Law of African Dance by Alphonse Tierou PDF

The African dancer calls for entire technical mastery and needs to admire the best principles passed down by way of the society of the Masques de Sagesse. Alphonse Tirou is from the Ouenon humans of the Ivory Coast. His significant learn is the 1st written checklist of this oral culture and it explains the events, codes and meanings of the normal African dance.

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3: The three step sequence of salsa dancing. able to identify, quickly, and with certainty, where beat 1 is located (or at least where the downbeats fall). You absolutely must be able to tell unambiguously where the 1 is at any point in time, and be able to do it without effort. Some people maintain that it is better to dance to the “feeling” and that analyzing or counting is not a good thing. I think that this is an extremely foolish attitude that exhibit a very poor understanding of music. Analyzing and counting provide you the basic tools for eventually not having to count and feel the music right.

2. 1 Latin Dance Study Guide Clave Son By far the most common type of clave you’ll encounter is the son clave. 4: Son Clave. Even though the clave can sometimes be heard in the music (incidentally played on the clave instrument, a pair of wooden blocks which produce a sharp high-pitched sound), in general you won’t hear it. Rather, it is a musical pattern “around which” all the other instruments play. Although the instruments don’t necessarily play the clave pattern directly, they are very much influenced by it and the musicians are constantly conscious of the clave when interpreting the music.

G. Marc Anthony), and salsa incorporating elements of puerto-rican folklore: plena, bomba music. Collectively, this music is what we now call “salsa”. “The sauce” is a widely encompassing moniker for music which varies quite a lot in its influences and development. 2. 2 Latin Dance Study Guide Evolution of Salsa Dancing In parallel to the parallel evolution of both of these musics, dancing followed through equally with separate, parallel development. In Cuba, the popularity of “casino dancing” gave birth to what we call “rueda”.

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