By John Otis

ISBN-10: 0061671800

ISBN-13: 9780061671807

“Truth learn, they have been generally in it for the money”

On February thirteen, 2003, a airplane sporting 3 American army contractors on a recon patrol crash-landed within the jungle-covered mountains of Colombia. inside of mins, FARC guerrillas swarmed the wreckage and killed the yank pilot and a Colombian workforce member as they attempted to flee. The survivors—Marc Gonsalves, Keith Stansell, and Thomas Howes—were marched at gunpoint into the rain wooded area. they'd dwell in consistent darkness below the jungle cover as they confronted hunger, fights with fellow hostages, and threats of execution—often with their necks shackled jointly.

The Colombian govt despatched 147 infantrymen to rescue the american citizens. Led by way of a daring but corpulent lieutenant, the troops spent weeks subsisting on monkey meat and Amazon rodents as they chased the guerrillas deeper into the jungle. yet then a soldier on a rest room holiday caught his machete into the floor and pulled out 20 million pesos, equaling $7,000. beautiful quickly, the younger, bad, and exhausted troops discovered they'd stumbled upon a buried insurgent cache of $20 million. inside 3 days, the GIs burned via their newfound fortune, splurging on booze, intercourse, and flat-screen televisions. And although the cash introduced excitement, for lots of of the warriors it'll result in legal prosecution or maybe loss of life through FARC hit males.

Law of the Jungle locations the Colombian hostage tale in its complete context via exploring the internal workings of the FARC, the U.S.-backed conflict on medicines, and Colombia's efforts to loose the rebel-held prisoners. John Otis, a veteran journalist at the Latin American beat, spins an edge-of-your-seat event narrative that gives a surprising cautionary story concerning the pursuit of fortune in a single of the world's most deadly areas.

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