By Anthony Fejfar

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Coif © Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar Social Responsibility of Business says that businesses should be responsible in their decision making, particularly their strategic planning. Business Ethics says that ethical decision making should be used in making ordinary business decisions. It is my argument that both Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics can be implemented by the use of the Ethical Matrix as a business decision making tool. Let us assume the following hypothetical: C Corporation has a slow down in machinery sales in D Division of the company.

Fejfar Derrida’s postmodernism involves linguistic deconstruction. The underlying premise of this postmodernism is that reality is based upon ideas. This type of idealism seems to suggest that all knowledge is conditioned upon an act of interpretation of the knower. For the postmodern, then, reality does not exist independently of the knower. Critical Realism, or Critical Thomism, on the other hand argues that reality, at least in part, exists independent of any knower. The idea is that Substantial Form, structures all Reality, and provides a basis for knowing, outside the mind of the interpreter.

Top management wants something done. Immediately it is apparent that a number of different avenues are open to being used. Marketing and sales could be stepped up in an attempt to increase sales. Workers could be transferred to 62 another department during the slow down. Workers could be laid off. Workers could be fired. Workers in D Division, or all divisions, could take an across the board salary decrease. How would one go about analyzing these options? Using the Ethical Matrix, one starts with the principle of Reciprocity.

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