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Sofie Koborg Brosen is 11 years outdated and, like different young children of her age, is going to a mainstream university, loves examining comics and being along with her kinfolk and her cat, Teddy. yet Sofie isn't the similar as every body else - she has autism spectrum affliction. bored stiff of being misunderstood by means of her classmates, she has written a ebook approximately her international so others can discover ways to comprehend her, and vice versa.

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Comma dot, called "Ravel Items"). data ,. data ,. comp data 3 5 3 5 38 63 To make the bottom row of the display, we define verb br as a fork which links together the data and the computed values, both as columns: br =: ,. ; data br data 3 5 +-+--+ |3|38| |5|63| +-+--+ (,. @: comp) To make the top row of the display (the column headings), here is one possible way. The bottom row will be a list of two boxes. On the front of this list we stick two more boxes for the top row, giving a list of 4 boxes.

However, it is evidently not just a table of numbers, since it contains words, list of numbers and so on. We now look at arrays of things other than numbers. 4 Arrays of Characters Characters are letters of the alphabet, punctuation, numeric digits and so on. We can have arrays of characters just as we have arrays of numbers. A list of characters is entered between single quotes, but is displayed without the quotes. For example: title =: 'My Ten Years in a Quandary' title My Ten Years in a Quandary A list of characters is called a character-string, or just a string.

The function (> (right-angle-bracket) is called "Open". b =: < 1 2 3 > b +-----+ |1 2 3| +-----+ 1 2 3 It may be helpful to picture < as a funnel. Flowing into the wide end we have data, and flowing out of the narrow end we have boxes which are scalars, that is, dimensionless or point-like. Conversely for > . 7 Summary In conclusion, every data object in J is an array, with zero, one or more dimensions. An array may be an array of numbers, or an array of characters, or an array of boxes (and there are further possibilities).

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