By Leslie A. Muray

ISBN-10: 0313337012

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Many scholars and individuals of the general public who persist with information stories on technology and faith might imagine that Protestantism and technology are in clash. yet whereas evangelical assaults on evolution may well make the headlines, many mainstream Protestant teams have lengthy embraced technological know-how and the clinical worldview. This quantity within the Greenwood courses to technology and faith covers these Protestant thinkers who search to exploit the insights of technology to extra their realizing of faith and faith.
In addition, the quantity also will speak about such tendencies on the liberal protestant recognition of evolution, the arrival of ecotheology, and the Social Gospel.
The quantity encompasses a collection of basic resource files, a word list and a timeline, and an annotated bibliography of the main worthy assets for additional learn.

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In doing so, it adopted Enlightenment style rationalism as the final arbiter of truth. ROMANTICISM Scholars treat Romanticism either as part of (Livingston 1997, 83–84) or a reaction to the Enlightenment (Randall 1976, 399–400). While both of these views have plausibility, I would maintain that it is more helpful and accurate to adhere to the latter view if one is to uphold the integrity and distinctiveness of both the Enlightenment and Romanticism. I hope that my characterizations of the Enlightenment above and of Romanticism below provide my rationale for this claim.

To be sure, both the Age of Reason and Romanticism extolled and celebrated the individual (Randall 1976, 415–417). However, the Enlightenment tended to do so in an abstract way while Romanticism emphasized the 19:50 P1: 000 GGBD182C02 GR3701/Muray 16 Top Margin: 5/8in Gutter Margin: 3/4in November 15, 2007 Liberal Protestantism and Science concreteness and particularity of feelings and passions. Moreover, the Romantics extolled the community (including the nation on the part of some of them) no less than the individual.

However, in another sense, they resisted the division, religious and secular, of the sacred and the profane. After all, if the world is permeated by the sacred, if God is immanent or identical with the world, how can one make such an arbitrary division? The responses of the churches to Romanticism varied from hostility and a defense of the role of reason to influence and appropriation of its major tenets. New England Transcendentalism, which, along with the work of Walt Whitman, is the best example of American Romanticism, began as a rebellion against what it considered to be the formalism, traditionalism, and rationalism of Unitarianism.

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