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Рейд John Brown на территорию рабовладельческого Юга закончился печально, судом и казнью. Но именно этот рейд сформировал национальную идею будущей Гражданской войны

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Knowledge and tales from one in all America's most unusual felony mindsAbraham Lincoln's luck as a political candidate used to be rooted in adventure within the court docket. regardless of a presidency plagued with ethical and criminal crises, this self-taught prairie legal professional deftly led the kingdom by means of counting on the middle ideas he honed in his early profession: truthfully, self-control, and a strong experience of social accountability.

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It's the early 1860s. Slavery is criminal within the usa. courageous slaves try and get away to freedom alongside the key "Underground Railroad," yet they do not continually make it. What might you do? may you aid and shield the slaves from the slave catchers or may you stick to the legislations?

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Most slaves lived During the Civil War, together in simple cabins. photographers joined These cabins had dirt soldiers on battlefields for the first time. They captured floors and no windows. photos of the war. They also Slaves received weekly captured images of slaves and free African-American men fighting for the Union. These photos revealed information about life during food for breakfast and dinner. They would get small portions of corn this time that historians have meal, lard, and meat found useful.

Were not used in combat take years, in both the because they were hard to Battlefields had become load. But rifles were now mass graves. Many mass-produced in the 1800s. During this time, rifles families were unable to became more accurate. In bury their dead sons and 1849 the Minié Ball bullet was created. Once a soldier fathers because of little pulled the trigger, the bullet money. Identifying bodies exploded out of the rifle, of soldiers was a difficult spinning. When it hit the body of another soldier, it and often impossible shattered bone on impact, task.

When it hit the body of another soldier, it and often impossible shattered bone on impact, task. Dog tags had not flattened into a mushroom shape, then ripped through yet been invented, but the surrounding flesh. the Civil War helped this idea form. Soldiers began writing names and home addresses on their uniforms. Many soldiers also carried photos of their loved ones. indd 36 10/3/14 11:01 AM Civil War (1861–1865) World War II (1939–1945) World War I (1914–1918) Vietnam War (1954–1975) Korean War (1950–1953) Revolutionary War (1775–1783) War of 1812 (1812–1815) Mexican War (1846–1848) Iraq-Afghanistan (2003–present) Spanish-American War Gulf War 620,000 405,399 116,516 58,209 36,516 25,000 20,000 13,283 6,626 (1898) 2,446 (1990–1991) 258 Civil War Deaths The chart above shows how many American soldiers died during the Civil War as well as other wars the United States has been involved in.

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