By R. Weatherley

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Robert Weatherley argues that chinese language perceptions of democracy and human rights were seriously encouraged by way of the urgent factor of the way to make China powerful within the face of a perceived probability posed by way of international imperialism, be it army imperialism throughout the earlier centuries and cultural imperialism in additional contemporary many years.

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This body dealt with foreign representatives on an equal, rather than on a superior basis as had previously been the case. In terms of the military, reforms included the introduction of shipbuilding dockyards to help bolster the increasingly besieged Chinese navy, greater investment in Chinese military equipment and the adoption of Western military techniques. But arguably even these reforms were not particularly radical. 24), the accommodation of Western military methods ‘was only a variation on a well-worn Chinese theme.

Those who argue in favour often locate concepts contained in the Confucian classics to make their point. 50) have suggested that the Confucian notion of “benevolence” (ren) can be equated with a belief in human rights. According to the Confucian disciple Mencius, benevolence was common to all men and manifested itself most clearly as human compassion for the welfare of others. So, for example, if a child was about to fall to his death into a well, Mencius believed that any compassionate bystander would rush to save the child regardless of whether or not he was known to the bystander.

For example, in his study of “Ming fever” (Ming re), Michael Szonyi (2010) has identified a growing popular nostalgia in China for the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a period admired for its economic vibrancy and global engagement. A “common public culture” might usefully focus on what it is that allegedly makes China a great nation, most likely from an historical perspective. This would include a common language and writing system which dates all the way back to the Shang dynasty (1766–1122 BC) and was passed down to Japan, Korea and other neighbouring countries.

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