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An soaking up account of natural and utilized arithmetic from the geometry of Euclid to that of Riemann, and its software in Einstein's concept of relativity. The twenty chapters disguise such subject matters as: algebra, quantity concept, common sense, chance, limitless units and the rules of arithmetic, jewelry, matrices, variations, teams, geometry, and topology. arithmetic used to be republished in 1987 with corrections and an additional foreword by means of Martin Gardner.

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17), we have l 0 (Zxx · f (x, t, Z))dx = Zx (l, t) · f (l, t, Z(l, t)) − Zx (0, t) · f (0, t, Z(0, t)) − l 0 (Zx · Dx f )dx. It follows from assumption (1) that Qτ (Zx · Dx f )dxdt = Qτ + ≤ Qτ b+ + (Zx · fx (x, t, Z)Zx )dxdt (Zx · fx (x, t, Z))dxdt 1 2 1 2 l Zx (·, t) 0 Qτ 2 L2 (0,l) dt |fx (x, t, Z)|2 dxdt. It follows from assumption (2) and interpolation formula that 1 2 Qτ and |fx |2 dxdt ≤ c(x, t) l 0 2 L∞ (QT ) |Z(x, t)|6 dx ≤ C1 Z(·, t) Qτ 4 L2 (0,l) |Z|6 dxdt + d · Z(·, t) 2 L2 (QT ) 2 H01 (0,l) .

1. Numerical results for the equilibrium states of an antiferromagnet (1). 2. Computational results for the equilibrium states of an antiferromagnet (2). 9) (e) 2δ(αij − αij )ki kj + (H1 /M0 )2 ± gH0 , in which χ0 = δ −1 . 11) (e) = gM0 2δ(αij − αij )ki kj + (H1 /M0 )2 + (H0 /M0 )2 , = gM0 2δ(αij − αij )ki kj + (H1 /M0 )2 . (e) H2 and H2 = 2δM0 (the z-axis lies along the anisotropy It is assumed that H0 (e) axis and the x-axis lies along H0 ). Consider now an antiferromagnet with magnetic anisotropy of the “easy plane” (e) (e) H2 , the type.

23) C(k, ω) = detµij (k, ω), and ∆ij (k, ω) are the minors of the determinant |µij (k, ω)|. This dispersion relation will in general define not one but several frequencies for a given wave vector k. For a ferromagnet there are three such frequencies, whereas for an antiferromagnet there are four. Different frequencies corresponding to the same k define different branches of the oscillations. 25) for the spin waves. Since the spin wave frequency ωS (k) is of the order of gM0, it may be said that spin waves correspond to wave vector k satisfying the inequality k gM0 c λ c .

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