By James P. Hogan

ISBN-10: 1439133522

ISBN-13: 9781439133521

The area of the earlier ultimately died within the conflagration towards which it have been doggedly heading. A extra fragmented and varied order has emerged from the ruins and . expertise has reappeared to a better or lesser measure in a few locations and never in any respect in others. 
    specified between them is the geographical region of Sofi, with an excellent inhabitants that has rediscovered complex technological know-how. even though, because the outdated styles that ended in wreck sooner than start to reassert themselves around the remainder of the area, a scientific-political stream inside Sofi embarks on a years-long undertaking to construct a new release starship that would let them to create their very own international elsewhere.
    The conditions and contemplating destiny generations starting to be up within the absolutely unknown state of affairs of an area atmosphere can't be recognized. for that reason, the challenge will comprise diversified teams of idealists, reformers, misfits, and dissidents who're now not chuffed with the world-in-miniature that constitutes the unique mom send, to head out and construct no matter what they wish. consequently, what arrives on the far-off big name generations as a result may be a flotilla of variously run urban states, frontier cities, spiritual monasteries, excitement motels, city crushes, rural spreads, educational retreats, and who-knows what else. 
    the difficulty started, after all, whilst the entire previous styles that they idea they have been getting clear of begun reappearing . . . 

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Literary Awards
James Tiptree Jr. Award Honor record (1993)

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