By Joseph F. Hoffman and Gerhard Giebirch (Eds.)

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A. WALLACE As shown, spectroscopic and conductance studies can provide useful information on structural features of the gramicidin molecule. Ultimately, however, one would like detailed molecular information on the polypeptide backbone, side chain, and ion-binding site positions of gramicidin, which spectroscopic studies have not provided. The most suitable method for determining these features at high resolution is X-ray diffraction of wellordered single crystals of the molecule. Crystals of one type (the uncomplexed form prepared from an alcohol solution) were first reported 39 years ago (Hodgkin, 1949).

Adv. Suhj. Biocliein. Enzvmol. ReIui. 4, 153-199. Ivanov. V. T.. and Sychev, S. V. The gramicidin A story. In "Biopolymer Complexes" ( G . Snatzke and W. Bartmann. ), pp. 107-125. Wiley, New York. Kemp. G . Jacobson, K. , and Wenner. C. E. (1972). Solution and interfacial properties of gramicidin pertinent to its effect on membranes. Biochirn. Bioplivs. Acru 255, 493501. Kolb. -A,. , and Bamberg, E . (1975). Correlation analysis of electrical noise in lipid bilayer membranes: Kinetics of gramicidin A channels.

And a constant independent of all concentrations. A similar expression applies for entries from the right. 3. The mean residence time within the channel for ions of species i which enter from the left, T’,, or right, 7:’. is independent of all the concentrations. 4. f: orf:, is the product of the corresponding rate of entry and mean residence time. 5. The probability the pore is empty is I - Xu‘, + f:). Thus For the same concentration of ions on the two sides of the membrane, the apparent binding constants are K, = A’,+, + A~T: (4) Explicit expressions for these apparent binding constants have been derived for a multisite, Eyring model by Lauger (1973).

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