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The reward was collected within a year [2]. More recently, microfabrication using photolithographic techniques has led to motors whose diameters are smaller than that of a human hair [3]. Physicists, bioengineers, mathematicians and others have given much theoretical attention to ``molecular combustion motors'' [4], ``forced thermal ratchets'' [5], ``¯uctuation driven ratchets'' [6] and related conceptual devices [7]. In 1995 a New Jersey team experimentally demonstrated an ``optical thermal ratchet'' that harvests energy from Brownian motion [8, 9].

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Once the prototype molecular motor 47 had been shown to function as desired, we proceeded to study the rotation of the analogous molecular system 48, where the tether contains only two carbons. Based on earlier considerations (Fig. 21 and Scheme 9), one would predict that use of a shorter tether should give a ``pre-barrier'' carbamate closer in energy to the summit. Such a situation should reduce the amount of time needed for rotation to the ``post-barrier'' carbamate 52 and therefore increase the speed of rotation.

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