By Edgar S.B.

Directory has lately prolonged result of Kozameh, Newman, and Tod for fourdimensionalspace-times and awarded a collection of helpful and adequate conditionsfor a metric to be in the neighborhood conformally reminiscent of an Einstein metric in all semi-Riemannian areas of measurement nù4-subject to a nondegeneracy limit onthe Weyl tensor. via exploiting dimensionally established identities we demonstratehow to build substitute types of those useful and adequate conditionswhich we think may be helpful in purposes. The 4-dimensional case isdiscussed intimately and examples also are given in 5 and 6 dimensions.

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1. Rabi, J. Kellogg, J. Zacharias, Phys. Rev. 46 (1934), 157; man, P. Kusch, J. R. Zacharias, ibid. 55 (1939), 52C. I. Esterman, 1. 1. Rabi, ibid. S. Mill- Chap. I, 3 The method NUCLEAR SPIN AND MAGNETIC MOMENTS is 16 beam of neutral molecules having no elecmoment through three magnetic fields. The first to pass a tronic magnetic a long, inhomogeneous field that accelerates the molecules in a direction perpendicular to the beam by reason of the nuclear is magnetic moments. This causes the beam to fan out a little because various molecules have their nuclear spins and nuclear rotations lined up differently relative to the field (see Fig.

C where c is the velocity of light in (7) vacuum. of course, quite general and can be applied also in the case of composite chemical molecules as built from individual atoms. But, whereas in this case the defect of mass The notion of a mass -defect is, 2 (equal to the total dissociation-energy of the molecule divided by c ) is negligibly small as compared with the total mass of the molecule, atomic mass -defects represent a measurable fraction of the atomic mass, thus affording a valuable method for the direct experimental determination of the binding energies of the various atomic species.

The net result on the asymptotic form of the outgoing part will appear as a certain constant and its e ziK*. modified form of K Q is is a function of the energy of collision. is, therefore, X F at large r which we represent by called the phase-shift for $-waves wave addition to the phase of that the factor The in^T-^ In 2tr+j8+ * ). (9) effect of the nuclear forces on the asymptotic expression for the complete wave-function may then be taken into account by adding the difference between eq. (9) and eq.

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Necessary and sufficient conditions for n-dimensional conformal Einstein spaces via dimensionally dependent identities by Edgar S.B.

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