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In a global with a minimum of 3 times as many countries as states, what are the bounds of valid nation-building? How can nationwide self-determination be coordinated inside a federal process? This ebook presents the most vast discussions thus far at the ethics of nation-building and the character and justification of federal platforms.

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These two ‘isms’ are associated with a somewhat diVerent range of ‘subjective attitudes and sentiments’ as well as ‘objective symbols and creeds’. Among the ways to understand the question of whether ‘liberal nationalism’ is a coherent notion is to explore inwhat ways it is possible for a healthy political culture to share elements of both ‘creeds’. In multination states this question is complicated by the fact that states ‘generally have both elite and mass political cultures, along with further subcultures that are rooted in regional, occupational, class, ethnic, and other diVerences’ (Pye 1993).

But sometimes we might actually have to do this intentionally. 19 In an argument that tries explicitly to heed Brubaker’s call not to reify nations, Levy (2004) tries to show that the best case for granting autonomy to national minorities does not require agreeing that they qualify as nations or that nations per se have any rights to self-determination. 1 S E L F- D E T E R M I NAT I O N V E R S U S D E T E R M I N I N G T H E SELF There are two closely related (and interrelated) ways of articulating the basic desires and projects of nationalists: in terms of self-determination of the nation in question, and in terms of nation-building or literally the attempt to determine the ‘self ’ of the nation.

This way of looking at, or looking for, nationalism is as misleading as it is widespread (especially within the cultures of successful nation-states). Both reductions are problematic: the reduction of nationalism to self-determination-seeking, and the reduction of self-determination to seeking the congruence of the national and political unit. Surely there is nothing oxymoronic about the idea of a nationalist nation-state, a ‘unination’ state with a nationalistic political culture. Indeed, this is surely how we would want to describe three of the clearest examples of nation-states: Argentina, Japan, and Iceland.

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