By Wilhelm Braune, Otto Fischer (auth.)

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It is topic of a few shock that this treasury of knowledge in regards to the centres of gravity of varied components of the human physique has remained hidden not just from the English conversing international for seen purposes, but in addition to some extent from the Ger­ mans themselves. what's much less striking is t!1at this paintings is a monument to the renouned German thoroughness as demon­ strated by means of the relentless pursuit of knowledge and the meticulous ac­ curacy of the conclusions. in spite of the fact that, those medical investigations conducted in Leipzig has to be seen within the highbrow weather of the time. within the lat­ ter half the 19th century, and later, Germany underwent an highbrow explosion. It was once the age of Rhumkorff, Max Planck, the Weber brothers and Gottingen collage. It used to be acknowledged that technological know-how got here to existence in the course of discussions at the educate be­ tween Gottingen and Berlin. So the scene used to be set and Braune and Fischer made solid use of it and fulfilled their function as mem­ bers of the Royal clinical Society of Saxony. whilst Pauwels (1935) analysed the static and dynamic forces exerted at the hip joint while status and while jogging, he wanted info in regards to the centres of gravity of the human physique and of its varied segments. i used to be confronted with a similar pre­ considered necessary while I studied the forces performing on the knee (1976).

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Cit pp. 93, 271 Table 19. 481 Body segment Upper arm Forearm Thigh Lower leg Foot Forearm and hand Lower leg and foot U U U {[ Table 20. 57 Table 21. 552 45 We have taken the results of Harless 14, reduced the length of the limb segments to 1, and calculated the average of the two sides to allow for a comparison with our own results (Table 21). The figures in Table 21 should be compared with our own data in Table 19. The relative distances in the results of Harless are also on average very close to the fractions four-ninths and fiveninths.

For the other attitudes, the front view was necessary in addition to the side view. In attitudes 1 and 2, the left forearm had to be flexed somewhat at the elbow so as to make the mark on the hip visible; in the military attitude, a slight displacement of the arm forward was sufficient. This required a slight correction to be made in the calculation so as to render the attitude symmetrical again. The co-ordinates of the centres of the joints were determined from the photographs as follows. The centres of the joints were determined on the subject in the attitude under study, projected onto the skin, and marked on the photograph.

2 cm to right Without neck. Behind dorsum sellae, exactly in median plane Cadaver 4 Cadaver 3 Table 17. j:>. 4 em; weight: 3210 g. 8 em; weight: 3320 g. 8 em from lower end, immediately behind insertion of interosseous membrane onto tibia. 3 em from lower end, otherwise as right leg. 8 em; weight: 1100 g. 5 em; weight: 1160 g. 1 em from lower end, exactly at insertion of interosseous membrane onto tibia. 9 em from lower end, otherwise as right leg. 7 em; weight: 1060 g. 7 em; weight: 1090 g. 1 em from anterior limit, on anterior surface of navicular between 3rd cuneiform and cuboid Length: 43 em; weight: 2870 g.

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