By Robert Gilmore

ISBN-10: 1441930590

ISBN-13: 9781441930590

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ISBN-13: 9781475741650

"Once upon a time there has been no Universe," started the Storyteller. . . ."

First Snow White encounters one of many Little humans, then one of many Even Smaller humans, and at last one of many really Infinitesimal humans. And irrespective of how diligently she searches, the single dwarves she will locate are collapsed stars! essentially, she’s no longer at domestic in her famous Brothers Grimm fairy story, yet in its place in a wierd new panorama that includes quantum habit, the wavelike houses of debris, and the Uncertainty precept. She (and we) should have entered, briefly, one of many worlds created through Robert Gilmore, the physicist and fabulist who introduced us the vintage "Alice in Quantumland."

Whether he’s recasting such vintage stories as "Jack and the Quarkstalk," "Waking Beauty," or "Cinderenda and the dying of Stars," Gilmore indicates us that there’s a couple of solution to make clear the unusual profundities of recent physics and cosmology, and what they need to let us know concerning the nature of time and house and movement. Black holes, demise stars, touring backward via time to the massive Bang - they’re all right here in available, instructive, and charmingly illustrated retellings.

Robert Gilmore has released 3 past books with Copernicus, "Alice in Quantumland," "Scrooge’s Cryptic Carol," and "The Wizard of Quarks." he's a traveling examine Fellow, with a different specialise in the general public figuring out of technological know-how, at Bristol collage in England. He has additionally labored in particle physics at Brookhaven, Stanford, and CERN in Geneva.

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Listen to the Customs Inspector," suggested her companion. ' "Since you ask me," remarked the Inspector on cue, "in my capacity as a customs inspector I shall try to tell you wh at is customary here. Here things are guided by a wave junction; indeed in a sense the things are their wave functions. A wave function extends over space and has the form of an amplitude with a continually varying phase. ' "I am sorry," said Snow White, in the tone thatsuggests it is the other person who should be sorry.

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