By Daniel Oran

ISBN-10: 0766817423

ISBN-13: 9780766817425

ORAN'S DICTIONARY OF THE legislations -third version is a cheap felony dictionary.
It's no longer as complete as Black's or Ballentine's legislation Dictionaries.

It does have a few sturdy features-
The simple 50 is fifty phrases which are used usually in definitions. essentially the most simple phrases in law.

Directions for assist in discovering details on unlisted words.

Appendix B, legal professional speak. This part contrasts criminal jargon and simple English.

The Appendix on felony learn used to be short and uncomplicated, but in addition helpful.

This legislation dictionary has worth as a source device. The definitions are simply grasped and the publication will be precious for the common citizen or pupil.

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The act of doing a thing before its proper time or simply doing it “before” something else. 2. ” 3. The right under some contracts to deduct some money (usually based on the current interest rate) when paying early. 4. In patent law, an invention is anticipated if someone else has already patented substantially the same thing. 5. Expectation or prior knowledge. Anticipatory breach Breaking a contract by refusing to go through with it once it is entered into, but before it is time to fully perform (do your side or share).

The possibility that something (often the text of a document) can be interpreted in more than one way. Ambit Boundary line; limit; border. Ambulance chaser (Slang) 1. A lawyer or a person working for a lawyer who follows up on street accidents to try to get the legal business involved. 2. A lawyer who improperly solicits business or tries to get others to bring lawsuits. Ambulatory Movable; capable of being changed or revoked; able to walk. Amend Improve; correct; change; formally alter a document or law.

Afforce Make something larger or stronger. Affreightment A shipping contract. Aforesaid Previously identified; already mentioned. This word is often used unnecessarily or imprecisely. Aforethought Planned in advance; done with premeditation. See malice aforethought. After-acquired property Property received after a certain event, such as the date a person mortgages other property. Some mortgages have Agency 21 an “after-acquired property clause” which means that anything added to the mortgaged property is subject to the mortgage just as if it were mortgaged directly.

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