By Daryl Gregory

ISBN-10: 0345509692

ISBN-13: 9780345509697

It's a international like our personal in each admire . . . retailer one. within the Nineteen Fifties, random acts of ownership start to ensue. usual males, ladies, and kids are the pursuits of entities that appear to spring from the depths of the collective subconscious, pop-cultural avatars a few name demons. There's the reality, implacable avenger of falsehood. The Captain, courageous and self-sacrificing soldier. The Little Angel, whose kiss brings loss of life, no matter if wanted or now not. And a string of others, starting from the unusual to the benign to the horrific.

As a boy, Del Pierce is possessed by means of the Hellion, an entity whose mischief-making may be lethal. With assistance from Del's kin and a being concerned psychiatrist, the demon is exorcised . . . or is it? Years later, following a automobile coincidence, the Hellion is again, trapped inside of Del's head and clamoring to get out.

Del's quest for support leads him to Valis, an entity owning the technological know-how fiction author previously often called Philip okay. Dick; to mom Mariette, a nun who evokes decidedly unchaste emotions; and to the Human League, a mystery society dedicated to the extermination of demons. All think that Del holds the foremost to the plague of possession–and its resolution. yet for Del, the medication might be worse than the disease.

"Look out, Lethem! Daryl Gregory mixes popular culture and pathos, flavoring it with Philip ok. Dick. Pandemonium possesses each caliber you will want in a superb novel, and the good news is it's merely his debut."
–Charles Coleman Finlay, Hugo and Nebula Award-nominated writer of The Prodigal Troll

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Literary Awards
James Tiptree Jr. Award Honor record (1993)

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It's not as though you had any family to hold you here," Taraza said. Teg accepted this silently. Yes, his wife had been dead thirty-eight years now. His children were all grown and, with the exception of one daughter, gone from the nest. He had his many personal interests but no family obligations. True. Taraza reminded him then of his long and faithful service to the Sisterhood, citing several memorable achievements. She knew the praise would have little effect on him but it provided her with a needed opening for what must follow.

Teg glanced through the sheaf of authorizations and vouchers Taraza had left with him. Already carrying her seal and signature. The trust this implied added to the other things he sensed and increased his disquiet. " He slipped the papers into his pocket and went in search of Patrin. Patrin would have to be briefed, and mollified. They would have to discuss whom to call in for this assignment. He began to list some of the names in his mind. Dangerous duty ahead. It called for only the best people.

The night's chill still lay on the sand. She knew the priests were watching her from the safety of their water-girded tower some two kilometers behind her, but this gave her little concern. The trembling of the sand beneath her body demanded full attention. It's a big one, she thought. Seventy meters at least. A beautiful big one. The gray stillsuit felt slick and smooth against her skin. It had none of the abrasive patches of the old hand-me-down she had worn before the priests took her into their care.

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