By K.V.F. Jubb (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 012391602X

ISBN-13: 9780123916020

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Elevated, red, and granular or smooth on the mucosal surface. The cut surface is white and firm. Microscopically, the mass consists of large, polyhedral to round, epithelioid cells that have abundant acidophilic granular cytoplasm. The cytoplasmic granules are strongly periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) positive. The nuclei are round to oval, centrally located, and have one or two nucleoli. Mitotic figures are rare. The tumor cells have a marked tendency to form nests, which are separated by a delicate network of reticulin fibers.

Hyperkeratosis of the ruminal epithelium also occurs in calves deficient in vitamin A. Postmortem Change The ruminal mucosa usually sloughs within a few hours after death. It separates from the lamina propria in large gray patches, which cover the ingesta when the rumen is opened. Persistent firm attachment of epithelium is abnormal. This undue adhesion occurs in dystrophic changes, described earlier, in acute rumenitis, especially if caused by fungi, and about healed lesions of necrobacillary rumenitis.

In addition, animal and vegetable hairs, from the rachillas of barley, adhere to the mucosa, especially in the interpapillary areas, giving it a distinct matted appearance (Fig. 8F). Large numbers of hairs are seen in sections of the mucosa. They penetrate the mucosa and lamina propria, where they evoke a leukocytic inflammatory reaction, often causing microabscesses. A diffuse pleocellular reaction is evident in the thickened fibrotic wall. The pathogenesis of morphologic variations in the ruminal papillae depends on several factors.

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