By Thibault Damour, Vincent Rivasseau

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This publication bargains an in depth, pedagogical advent to common relativity. It encompasses a evaluation of what may perhaps lie past and collects updated essays at the experimental checks of this thought, together with the proper timing of the double pulsar J0737-3039. assurance additionally info the new result of the Gravity Probe B mission.

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It is, however, remarkable that (as shown by T. Yoneya, J. H. Schwarz, in 1974) one of the quantum excitations of a closed string reproduces, in a certain limit, all of the non-linear structure of general relativity (see below). Among the other remarkable properties of string theory [25], let us point out that it is the first physical theory to determine the space-time dimension D. In fact, this theory is only consistent if D = 10, for the versions allowing fermionic excitations (the purely bosonic string theory selects D = 26).

In the case of PSR J0737−3039 the companion turns out to also be a pulsar that is visible from Earth. In the system PSR B1913+16, three post-Keplerian parameters have been measured (ω, ˙ γT , P˙ ), which gives one test of the theory. In the system PSR J1141 -65, three post-Keplerian parameters have been measured (ω, ˙ γT , P˙ ), which gives one test of the theory. ) In the system PSR B1534+12, five post-Keplerian parameters have been measured, which gives three tests of the theory. In the system PSR J0737−3039, six post-Keplerian parameters,4 which gives four tests of the theory.

For an open string (with certain reflection conditions at the endpoints of the string) these two types of waves are connected to each other. Moreover, since the string has a finite length in both cases, one can µ decompose the left- or right-moving waves XLµ (τ + σ) or XR (τ − σ) as a Fourier series. c. (28) Here X0µ (τ ) = xµ + 2 2s pµ τ describes the motion of the string’s center of mass, and the remainder describes the decomposition of the motion around the center of mass into a discrete set of oscillatory modes.

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