By David Butler, Donald Stokes

ISBN-10: 1349001406

ISBN-13: 9781349001408

ISBN-10: 1349001422

ISBN-13: 9781349001422

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But there is no term by which the ordinary voter is accustomed to declare his party irregularity. Tbe electoral system has not provoked hirn to find one,15 Without this prompting from the electoral system, the British voter is less likely than the American to make a distinction between his current electoral choice and a more general partisan disposition. Tbe majority of voters do in fact have general dispositions towards party which give continuity to their behavior in a succession of specific choices.

We shall see evidence in Chapter 7 that the dass realignment of modem politics took a generation and more to complete and also that this realignment, as time passed, has depended less and less on the primary forces that first created it-with the probable consequence that preferences have come to move more ftuidly across dass lines. Electoral his tory suggests that strong new primary forces can sweep away political attachments that depend mainly on the intrinsic values of party. Yet it would be unwise to discount the importance of accustomed loyalties.

Kelvin, "The Non-Conforming Voter," NewSociety, 25 November 1965,8-12. In America works such as Herbert H. Hyman's Politieal Socialization, Glencoe, IIIinois, 1959, and Fred I. Greenstein's Children and Polities, New Haven, 1965, have become classics, and extensive empirical studies have been done on the inftuence of the family, peer groups, the school and other socializing agencies. See, for example, Robert Hess and Judith Horney, The Development 01 Politieal Attitudes in Children, Chicago, 1967, and M.

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Political Change in Britain: College Edition by David Butler, Donald Stokes

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